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Best Pressure Canners

I’ve dug up the details on a range (in price) of pressure canners that are all similar in size, to keep things “apples to apples” while still making the cut for a list of the 5 best pressure canners of 2021! These canners all meet the main requirements of home canners, new and experienced alike!

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Best Stainless Steel Food Dehydrators of 2021

Food dehydrators may not be an essential tool to have in your kitchen but they are totally worth buying and we are about to explain why. First of all, their primary action, which is to dehydrate your food makes food preservation a breeze. It is a well-known fact that dried food lasts much longer and you…

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Best Eco-Friendly Pet Beds of 2021

I gave in.  I thought it would never happen, but all of the begging and depressed looks of my husband and kids as we pass by other happy families with bouncy, happy dogs got to me.  And ok, maybe my own secret interest in having a family pet that’s more than a bunny or the…

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Best Home Air Purifiers

Even when the world is not dealing with a deadly pandemic, the need for fresh and clean air is still high, especially indoors for those with conditions such as allergies and asthma. We are all reassessing our living spaces in terms of our own health and in terms of the health of any visitors.  One…

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