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chalk paint vs milk paint

Chalk paint and milk paint are all the rage when it comes to breathing new life into vintage furniture. You have probably heard of these paints and are wondering what the differences are. In this article, you will learn:What chalk paint and milk paint areThe similarities and differences of milk paint and chalk paintThe pros…

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how to make your own milk paint - recipes

Milk paint is one of the oldest forms of paint which was used in the pyramids and on tomb paintings of ancient Egypt. If you own an antique piece of furniture that is over a hundred years old and still has its original paint, it’s more than likely that it is milk paint. Milk paint…

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Best balance bike for kids

      Kinderfeets wooden Balance bike     We have chosen Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike as the best balance bike for kids. In this article we will discuss what makes Kinderfeets bikes the best and why they are our top pick. Also known as a push bike, balance bikes are designed to help kids as young as 2 learn the skills needed…

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