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What you sleep on is important. You spend half your life in your bed; it is where your body rejuvenates through the night. You don’t want to burden your body with toxic chemicals; you want to sleep with natural, non-toxic sheets and blankets. The best organic bedding is going to be toxin-free, comfortable, and last…

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Best wooden toys for children and toddlers

Plastic can get out of my life, like, yesterday (click here to see why). I want my children to play with natural toys. Wood is an excellent toy material because it is sturdy, it fosters imagination and creativity, it can be handed down to other lucky children, and it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.Plastic toys…

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Best Home Air Purifiers

Even when the world is not dealing with a deadly pandemic, the need for fresh and clean air is still high, especially indoors for those with conditions such as allergies and asthma. We are all reassessing our living spaces in terms of our own health and in terms of the health of any visitors.  One…

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best handmade wedding dresses on Etsy

If you are “bride to be,” you know how hard and time-consuming finding your dream dress can be.  Add to that the fact that the conventional route of booking appointments with one bridal shop after the other is more challenging in this new era of ours – many shops have had to close and many…

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